About Us

Leones & Sense is a source of select economic and financial information impacting the citizens of Sierra Leone and investors scoping for opportunities.Our mission is to help Sierra Leoneans understand the state of global market conditions and global price of goods produced locally. It is also intended to simplify the scale, scope and complexity of the inner workings of the financial and commodities market.

Leones & Sense provides real time market information by tracking price positions in major markets, including micro economic activities around the world. The internet serves as a major pipeline to channel real time information to help businesses, investors and researchers make swift but better  decisions today, than they could in the early 1980s and 1990s. We believe that third world economies can also benefit from the information age given the right ideation, infrastructures and pillars.

This information platform is a value proposition to transmit mass financial, economic and other business related awareness as a way to tackle economic and financial illiteracy. It can also be used as a leverage by local farmer and produce brokers to strengthen their bargaining position, to reap the rewards of their labor based on global not local market prices.

Our concern is that there is an estimated 88% illiteracy rate within the intended target audience. Little is known how much this forum can influence Sierra Leonean farmers, miners, importers, exporters, businesses and the inquisitive readers. The most important step, no matter how small, is the belief that this message will sip though the community in bits and pieces, one Sierra Leonean at a time.

This is a grassroots effort to tackle Sierra Leone’s economic challenges by highlighting the gaps in economic performance and the key drivers of those gaps. One of the difficulties faced by this effort was getting accurate information in real time. There is a serious lag in information availability and where available potentially exposed to inaccuracy.

It is the ultimate goal of Leones and Sense to create a real time metric aimed at measuring economic performance and directing energy at the failing indicators with a new tool, a new approach and a renewed effort.

The Leones & Sense Team