Letter from the Chief Executive Officer

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Leones and Sense! This website is meant to provide you with real time information coverage on global pricing of major currency exchange rates to the Leone, money transfer rates, market prices of mineral and agricultural resources from Sierra Leone. In addition, this site also provides financial education and guidance to clients  interested in money market investments. Sustainable economic growth is largely fueled by access and circulation of liquid capital from private citizens collectively funding large scale profitable investments. Gains from investments expands capital and increases net savings and spending power.

A majority of the profits from businesses in Sierra Leone are generated from single or  groups of foreign investors. Governments draw a share of profits through negotiated contracts, a quota of employment and wages for citizens. Governments represents the people, but its representation does not always translate into short-term micro-economic benefits. Opportunities for additional financial gains have been left unexploited. The untapped opportunity presents the need for a game changing approach to mass participation in economic activities through financial education. Governments cannot solve all the problems of all its citizens.

It sounds complicated, but capital gains from the purchase of shares in companies investing in Sierra Leone is a lucrative source of revenue. Investors have the option to buy as much shares as possible, whether for the long or short-term, and benefit from corporate earnings. That is why Leones and Sense publishes the share prices of companies operating in Sierra Leone. The larger the revenue stream per individual in any country, the better the economy. Inversely, lower revenue per individual places a lot of constraints on the national economy which creates dependence. The fastest route to poverty reduction in the short-term is to focus on improving individual or household earnings.

Sierra Leoneans who care about the development of the economy know or should know that the secret lies in stimulating the economy, developing and making capital accessible for entrepreneurial utilization to harness and keep the profits at home. I urge Sierra Leoneans to be stakeholders by collaborating with or without multi-national corporations, through mutual fund set ups and group investment drives, to stop the continued export of profits from resources within the borders of Sierra Leone.

Francis Ken Josiah

ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt