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Leones and Sense is introducing a new way to help clients pursue financial goals through various investment channels. Whether you need additional source of income, saving for retirement or planning a major project, there is always a plan that suits the budget of every client. Through personalized consulting services from seasoned professionals, clients will have access to expert advice about the mechanics of the money market.

Leones and Sense provides a simple to understand roadmap to help clients document, assess and plan their financial goals, amongst varying investment products and services depending on the risk tolerance of each client. The process starts with a one on one conversation with a focus on laying out an achievable plan, including specific investment recommendations tailored to your budget and goals.

Clients have the option to use self directed investment channels or buy into various options including Leones and Sense investment portfolio. Clients receive reports detailing the progress towards their goals. Clients will have access to their portfolio and be able to make adjustments as they see fit, or as recommended by our experts. Given the uncertainty of the marketplace, we offer flexibility to cash in or out at anytime. Leones and Sense and its affiliate partners are involved in stocks, bonds, certificate of deposits, annuities, market and data research, asset management and other capital investments in new and existing ventures.

Leones and Sense provides exceptional customer service, including complimentary introductory and end of year review to ensure that clients stay on track. Take a moment to fill out the form below. Our professional advisors will reach out to schedule the discussion and frame the roadmap for your financial future. Our goal is to make your future secure by making your investment grow with you.

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